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Image of The House Ate it! Paperback

The House Ate it! Paperback

$10.00 - On sale

72 pages, top bound spine, landscape format.
Suitable for Readers Ages 8 and Up

Read a preview at The House Ate it! website thehouseateit.com

Ever lost a favorite toy or book or snack inside your house? You’re not alone! Something strange is happening in the Roebin’s house in East Gnorplop. One by one, things are coming up missing: a sphere, a coat… even a baseball glove. Join the Roebin brothers and all of Gnorplop as they search for the lost goodies, only to discover the real reason behind their mysterious disappearance. Will they ever get their stuff back? If they have any chance at all, first they must find something they never even knew they’d been missing all along…

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